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Photobook "A Walk in Visaginas"

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As the title suggests, this book consists of photographs I took while taking a walk across my hometown streets. It is a record of random everyday moments which, pieced together, tell a story of Visaginas from my point of view. It is a collection of architectural elements, street photography, and nature.

This book also includes several photographs of 2020 '(A)typical Architecture as an Event' Photography Workshop Project participants. In the course of this two-day workshop, architectural photographer Norbert Tukaj encouraged people to see and capture the expressiveness of (a)typical buildings and spaces of Visaginas, starting from context and moving onto details.

The majority of photographs were taken in years 2020 - 2021. This book consists of 120 pages and 117 photographs. A hardcover and 23 x 24 cm (W x H). It is a limited edition of only 100 copies.